Trip Planning


BART Live  v.

Never miss a BART train again with BART Live! Get live train departures per station, as well as elegant trip planning across the entire BART rail system. -LIVE train departures per station -Trip planning -Fare price (one way) -System Advisories

CG Transit  v.

CG Transit offers trip planning in public transport systems in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Just pick up your departure and destination point and get a list of suggested routes including all the transfers and scheduled departure/arrival times


BART Rider  v.

BART Rider will help you find the best way in and out of the Bay Area with the first tool to combine Live station, trip planning, advisories and trip favorites all in one tool! Want to figure out how to get to a destination at a certain time? Just

Travel Witch  v.1 1

Travel Witch is designed for planning trips, short or long. You can use the program for planning your professional trips, for the family holiday or the big adventure trip you longed for.

Employee Planner  v.1 95

No learning-curve. No limit on the planning numbers. Intuitive.Efficient.Time Saving.Money Saving. Planning staff & employee trip, travel, event, vacation, schedule, work, project, meeting, daily work, ...

Chart Navigator  v.5 7

Chart Navigator is the perfect software program for boaters interested in trying PC chartplotting. The package comes with complete U.S. coverage of Raster charts, satellite photos, aerial photos, and topos.

Maptech Chart Navigator (with Offshore  v.5 7

Offshore Navigator is an update forChart Navigator program wich is designed for boaters interested in trying PC chartplotting.

Days Until  v.

Days Until is an app that monitors and displays the days remaining until important events in your life, and helps to get prepared for them. Never miss that deadline and have your things in order before the day comes. Typical use cases: - a


Rebranded as "TRANSITiQ", application is presented now on all major platforms: Android/iPhone/WindowsPhone (check out marketplaces if you are interested in) "TRANSITiQ" is a very smart app for commuters that ride public transit, whether bus or rail.

Traveling to Europe  v.

Europe: the dream destination for millions of people each year. Whether you first dreamt of the castles as a child, or whether your interest is in the history and beauty of the countries,

Relief Central  v.

Relief Central is a free mobile and web resource developed by staff and friends of Unbound Medicine to assist relief workers, first responders, and others called to serve in disaster relief situations around the world. Relief Central is a volunteer

F30 MapPoint North America  v.2013

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